Time for a Deal

Players are transported into their very own game show with game show host ‘Roger Riches’ offering them either a deal or the win on the reels in the mystery reel feature. Free spins are setup by the player making nearly every free spin experience different, ‘The Big Slot Bonus’ is every slot players dream – a oversized slot loaded with cash, not forgetting a progressive jackpot!


  • MYSTERY REELS – Host Roger can hide 2 reels at every spin and let the player decide whether to go for the win hidden on the reels or to accept Rogers cash offer. Roger can always change his offer or even reveal one of the hidden reels, turning every Mystery Reel into an unique experience.
  • FREE SPINS – Triggered by 3 Scatter symbols, the player can pick the amount of spins, a spin win multiplier and an extra Wild symbol. At the end of the free spins Roger will always offer an additional deal!
  • DOOR SELECTION– 3 doors, 3 coins – 2 silver, 1 gold coin. The right choice will enable all 5 reels on the massive big bonus slot and allow the player to win even bigger.
  • BIG SLOT BONUS– 3 or 5 reels packed with multipliers turn the big bonus slot into a massive win generator. Even on the big bonus slot host Roger can offer you deals like single reel respins or an additional multiplier on the reels.
  • PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT– 3 golden stars on the big bonus slot will win the Progressive Jackpot – a life changing event!


  • GTS
  • Virtuefusion
  • Other platforms might be supported upon request
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